The Evolution of Quadcopter Technology


As an owner of multiple quadcopters, I get excited when I see new technology. I was immediately intrigued as soon as I saw the promo video for the Xcraft X PlusOne. This quad and superb quick forward motion simply realized with rigid wing set ups combine the ease of vertical takeoff and touchdown. Its one of the best quadcopters ever.
Having the capacity to go at higher rates to record video footage may be incredibly interesting, along with quite valuable. As I said, there are RC choices available for flying at speeds that are quicker, however they do not have the skill to hover or take off and land. The X PlusOne unites the very best of both worlds. I had like to get my hands on one!

Essential Features
A speed demon: Must follow an area that is fast or need some supercool flybys? The patent pending design of the X PlusOne has you covered with ultra-quick cruise mode with speeds over 60 miles per hour (100 km/h).

The hover boat: A secure quadcopter when you when shooting stills or need it.

Simple to fly: Stabilized in cruise and hover styles. Auto restoration switch ensures that in case you get in trouble, one flip of a switch will set the craft into an auto-degree hover.

Able for the professional: Unlike what you have ever experienced with the RC aircraft, in the event you are already an expert, disable stabilization for amazing aerobatics.

Supreme GoPro accessory: With numerous alternatives for GoPro activity cameras that are mounting, your internal aerial cinematographer Won’t ever be in need using the X PlusOne.

Camera platform that is steady: An optional 2 and optimized control algorithms -axis brushless camera gimbal mean you get rock solid, glossy smooth aerial video and stills.

Able to fly – and picture: Ready To Fly and Film bundles get you all you should stay informed about the activity. All Ready To Fly bundles range from the constructed X PlusOne, motors and electronic equipment, 2.4 GHz transmitter, battery, and charger. The bundles that are Ready To Film also throws in GoPro Hero camera or a micro DV!

Safe: The X PlusOne is rich in safety features including Safe- Auto and Arm -Restoration.